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AboutUs is a wiki for and about businesses, organizations, blogs, forums, and really anything or anyone that has a website. In 2015 ABoutUs merged with Attensa, also an NTV portfolio company.


Adapx™ is a natural interface software company which helps teams improve collaboration, field data collectionand decision making with the Capturx™ line of software products. Capturx enables designs, maps and forms to be printed on ordinary paper and marked up with a digital pen, which digitizes the handwriting and integrates the data directly into Microsoft™ Office and leading GIS and CAD systems. Teams can collect and share information more quickly and accurately, and reach better decisions, without consuming valuable time and resources to collect and process data.
Adapx partners with leading technology companies to create integrated solutions which work naturally with existing software and business processes.


Advanced Inquiry Systems, Inc. (now renamed Translarity) is revolutionizing semiconductor test, helping our customers combat rising costs in the midst of falling product prices. Our unique solutions enhance flexibility for device design, greatly reduce test floor WIP, and nearly eliminate pad scrub, enabling at speed wafer test for flash, DRAM and logic devices.


Attensa is a leading innovator software solutions that help businesses make sense out the information generated by their business applications, social business tools and the World Wide Web.  Its cloud-based information aggregation platform enables an enterprise-wide network that connect people, information systems and communities resulting in improved business execution and innovation.  


BeSang is a fabless semiconductor company developing its proprietary 3D integrated circuit technology. The Company will enter the semiconductor image sensor and memory businesses for both the stand-alone and embedded memory markets. The main mission of the Company is to provide unique and sustainable technical solutions that can significantly increase performance and reduce manufacturing costs of semiconductor chips including ultra high-density memories. BeSang has developed high-value intellectual properties related to this technology, which will be useful for microprocessor, system-on-a-chip (SoC), and stand-alone memory markets.


Perpetua designs, manufactures, and markets renewable energy solutions for wireless sensors. We are focused on offering cost effective and easy-to-integrate power products that last as long as the sensor electronics. By extending battery life, or replacing batteries altogether, our products enable sensors to collect more data over a given time period and offer opportunities to effectively operate in a wider range of environments. Supporting these goals, Perpetua has developed the most advanced Flexible Thermoelectric Film™ technology available. Perpetua's product lines incorporate this advanced technology into both stand-alone and integrated power solutions.

Perpetua has both an industrial and wearables line of technology, and in 2014 the wearables line was spun out into the company Theramgen.


Healthcare Portfolio




Artielle ImmunoTherapeutics’ technology is focused on a new proprietary class of molecules known as Recombinant T cell receptor Ligands (RTLs) that can be tailored to treat a wide range of autoimmune inflammatory diseases.  Artielle has developed a lead compound for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, called RTL1000, which is in Phase 1 clinical trials and has received Orphan Drug status from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  In addition to multiple sclerosis, Artielle is conducting research on other autoimmune diseases to which its platform technology is also applicable, such as rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, uveitis, stroke, optic neuritis and type 1 diabetes.


Clinicient provides an integrated system that helps outpatient rehabilitation clinics maximize reimbursement by connecting people and processes for referral management, patient intake and scheduling, clinical documentation and insurance authorization and billing.


DesignMedix, Inc. is a drug development company focused on overcoming drug resistance, one of the major challenges impacting human health and drugdevelopment today.  The DesignMedix approach offers both a mechanism to overcome resistance, and the ability to develop an ongoing series of novel drugs.  DesignMedix has designed and synthesized a library of novel candidate drugs called (revoquine or RCQ compounds) to combat several important infectious diseases.  In the company's most advanced drug development program, lead compounds have been shown to overcome malaria drug resistance in human red blood cells in vitro, and to provide a cure in animal models. Work on overcoming drug resistance in other diseases isongoing.


Floragenex combines innovative molecular biology, next-generation DNA sequencing, and bioinformatic analysis tools to provide unique and valuable genetic research services to customers around the world. Floragenex RAD technology makes advanced SNP discovery and analysis attainable for commercial, academic, and government researchers.



Vigilan provides software and services that help you provide higher quality care, ease the regulatory compliance burden and improve operating margins. In 2011 Vigilan was acquired by RealPage, Inc.



Virogenomics is developing a drug discovery platform to identify gene targets and drugs for viral and chronic diseases, and a series of molecules and drug deliver platforms for auto-immune diseases.  The technology is based on discoveries at the Center for Vaccine and Gene Therapy at OHSU and at OHSU's Department of Neurology.  Virogenomics’ technology enables the identification of genes and drug targets involved inviraldisease such as Hepatitis C, human cytomegalovirus and others; and in virally-mediated chronic diseases such as arteriosclerosis.  The platform can also be used to evaluate drugs with actions specific to the identified targets.



"Where a business is not as yet defined, but technology is available, we'll work to identify the business opportunity."

-Gordon Hoffman


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